The Coffee Cube Franchise

The Coffee Cube is the ultimate mobile coffee machine serving the funkiest coffee in town on daily rounds to local businesses and at great events across the UK.
Would you like to work for yourself?
Would you like to earn £80,000 OTE per annum?
Would you like unlimited support to help get your business up and running in your area?
Would you like to be part of the UK’s next great Franchise?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then The Coffee Cube Company is the Franchise for you. We are a passionate company with big plans. Our aim is to help our Franchisee’s grow as we grow so that The Coffee Cube Company can take the UK by storm.

Understand the market

The UK has fast become a nation of coffee drinkers so we have designed the perfect mobile coffee machine to fit in with today’s fast paced lifestyle. The branded coffee market is already worth over £3.8 Billion and coffee is the world’s second largest consumer commodity after Oil. The Coffee Cube Company is proud of our unique blend of premium coffee and the fact that we can take this, along with other premium products such as luxury hot chocolate and delicious snacks directly to the consumer’s workplace or other non-traditional locations such as remotely located events across the UK.

In a fast growing market place your Coffee Cube stands out from the crowd and attracts positive attention wherever you go, recognized as a premium, great tasting coffee. Repeat business, flexible hours and demand that is growing year on year The Coffee Cube Company is the next great franchise to take the UK by storm.

Training and Support

When you join as a Coffee Cube Franchisee you become part of The Coffee Cube Company family. We greatly believe that success comes through team work, hard work, determination and support that’s why we give you direct contact with Director level staff from day 1. Our goal is to nurture and support you every step of the way to become the very best franchisee you can be to help us grow into the very best coffee company in the UK.

As part of the package we offer a full Barista training course with some truly amazing baristas, so when the time comes to serve your first coffee to a paying customer you don’t have to worry about getting your Lattes and Cappuccinos mixed up.

A brand like no other

It has taken many hours and sleepless nights to get the branding just right. The Coffee Cube Company gets attention wherever it goes and stands out like no other, making advertising and marketing a breeze. All of the hard work has been done for you meaning you don’t have to stress about getting noticed.

Support network

No matter what time of day we guarantee to be only a phone call away. If we can help we will, and if we can’t then together we will find a way, because when you join our franchise you join our family. Our vehicles have been carefully designed to be as user friendly and as self-sufficient as possible, truly pushing boundaries with a unique power system like no other.

The Coffee Cube is self-sufficient for the coffee round and can be plugged into the mains for events for quiet, uninterrupted service throughout the day. We provide a one-day training course to talk you through every step of your new vehicle to ensure you know it inside out before you leave to trade.

Potential Earnings

Your Franchise can be run in flexible hours which means you can accommodate your business around your personal circumstances and other commitments. Once your customer base is in place you will have peace of mind with regular repeat business everyday with predictable monthly earnings.

This is a cash rich business model, meaning you don’t ever have to worry about customers with bad debt or credit control issues. You simply count up and bank cash daily.

We will guide you every step of the way to help you hit daily sales targets of £250 per day.

Your Franchise Package

Along with the continuous training and support you will receive.

  • Fully converted Coffee Cube
  • Personalised Business cards
  • The Coffee Cube Company branded supplies
  • Brand New Britesso Coffee machine in a colour of your choice
  • Branded uniform
  • Branded coffee cups
  • Epos till system fully loaded with items
  • Admin
  • Events Kit

Basically everything you need to start trading immediately.

Your Franchise is easily capable of earning a full time salary with less than full time working hours.

The figures shown below are based on actual trading experience from one Coffee Cube not forecasts or estimates!
Based on only 48 weeks per year and 2 events per month. (holiday seasons/Christmas seasons can easily exceed this)

Sales per day5 day week24 EventsTotal

As you can see our franchise model provides a handsome return on your investment in a relatively short period of time.

Franchise Cost – Upfront and honest just like us, no hidden unexpected costs – EVER!

  • Our Franchise fee excluding vehicle cost is £7,500 plus VAT. This is the cost for your territory to trade in which has been carefully selected to leave plenty of business to grow into a multi vehicle franchisee without having to pay this fee again, unless you would like to purchase a different location for your next vehicle. Territories are only for Monday to Friday trading meaning nationwide events at weekends/holidays can be applied for freely.
  • The Fully converted Coffee Cube is £22,000. We can arrange finance for up to 70%, or this can be leased from us for £500 per month. Subject to status, T&C’s apply.
  • Fixed management fee £100 per month.

The Business model is designed to have your initial setup costs easily paid off within the first year giving you every chance to develop into a multi vehicle Franchisee. We firmly believe as we succeed and grow so will you.

Franchise Facts

Franchising is proven to be the most successful route to self-employment with around 90% of all franchisees trading profitably. This is because when you purchase a franchise you are already buying into a proven working business model. All Franchisees get the benefit of a successful business owners research and development, meaning all the costly mistakes and trial and error have already been done at someone else’s expense.

You hit the ground running with well-established branding, business knowledge and a wealth of experience to support you ever step of the way. Perhaps even more attractive is the fact that you are growing your very own business that can be sold on in the future for a multiple of its annual profits.

What should I do next?

We are 100% upfront and honest with no hidden nasties, we are here to support you and help you grow every step of the way, so if you have got this far and are still interested in joining The Coffee Cube family then take the first steps today to securing your territory.

Contact a member of our team on 0800 112 3722 or email we will guide you every step of the way to becoming the next The Coffee Cube Company Franchisee.

100% Arabica Coffee

The Coffee Cube Company Blend 

A delicious, Smooth, Great tasting coffee blend.

The Ice Cube Co

Iced treats coming soon