The Coffee Shop Franchise

The Coffee Cube Company are proud to release our fantastic coffee counters.

A self-contained, compact, fully functioning coffee shop with a built-in seating area, along with charging points for mobile devices and advertising platforms. Our pods are designed for high foot fall areas such as the retail and leisure industry.

Floor space to any business is important but the demand for coffee is growing year on year and can offer an excellent income for any business owner, so we have designed the unique looking pod units to take up very minimal foot print within your establishment whilst offering a professional, functional service to your customers.

So, how do you get one of our funky little coffee counters installed?

Well there are two options.

OPTION ONE:  We will install our unit free of charge and operate on a profit share basis or pay you a fixed annual rental fee for the floor space. This makes it an easily accessible option for any new business whilst giving your customers a much sought after, professional service and bringing you vital extra customer footfall into your establishment.


OPTION TWO:  You operate the coffee counter as a Franchisee. For a fixed Franchise fee and setup cost we will assist you to setup and run your very own The Coffee Cube Company coffee pod. Trading as a franchisee you will run the unit as your very own keeping all the profit from it, but get our full support and expertise whilst being able to serve our exclusive coffee in your establishment.

Contact us to arrange a meeting and discuss which option would be best for you.

Give us a call today on 0800 112 3722

100% Arabica Coffee

The Coffee Cube Company Blend 

A delicious, Smooth, Great tasting coffee blend.

The Ice Cube Co

Iced treats coming soon